Athziri Cisneros

Athziri Cisneros






Laksasubha Resort


Front Desk, F&B

I still can not explain why I chose a place like Thailand to do an internship, I do not know if because of its eccentricity, remoteness, job opportunity, wanting to do something different or simply because I did not know anything about that country. But it’s amazing that I’ve been here for two months.

I live in a city three hours south of Bangkok called Hua Hin, a very nice and quiet beach destination, ideal for couples, retired people or seniors, but where anyone can enjoy a relaxed, fun and also to experience Thai culture.

It is a city, which although it is small offers much to the tourist; From markets that float in a river or that only open at night, motorcycle rides (or as transportation), water parks, train travel to nearby cities to Bangkok, professional golf courses, Buddhist temples, large shopping malls, riding Riding on the beach, a mountain of monkeys (no joke) and of course elephant rides.

I do my internship at Laksasubha Resort, where I do cross-training; From the normal operations at front desk or help in the food and beverage department, to the planning, assembly and realization of events.

But my post is “Guest Relation”, my job is to create personal ties with the guests, help them in everything they need or want and above all to have an incredible and memorable stay. This has helped me to know, not only Hua Hin or Thailand, but a little bit of Denmark, Russia, Germany, India, China, Britain, Switzerland, Holland, Australia and even Uganda.

I still do not get used to it, of course I miss my family, friends and everything I carry with a country like Mexico (especially the food part); But I have given myself the opportunity to find new things, to try different flavors (some not so pleasant, I must confess), to look at new landscapes and colors, to talk with strangers (even if we do not speak the same language), to dance a music that we do not Understand, contemplate another lifestyle and of course appreciate customs and traditions very different from yours.

Here I have found not only learning, but also wonderful people who without hesitation adopted me and although sometimes the barrier of communication prevents us from understanding ourselves, they teach me as much as they can of this incredible country.

I have been for two months and I can say that I have learned a lot, that I have strengthened my vocation, that I love my work, that it has completely changed my lifestyle, that I have demonstrated what I am capable and what I can achieve and that I am Living one of the best experiences of my life.